Category: Projects: GIS

  • Mapping places in LGLC

    After attending the XSLT workshop at DHSI 2013, I built this map using a KML file created from the XML representing all the places listed in the LGLC dataset. See full example We hope to integrate this data with the event data, and place it into one comprehensive map/timeline similar to the prototype for 1964:

  • Mapping LGLC, 1964

    As part of a Web Mapping Applications course in my GIS program, I’ve been testing out various platforms for mapping the LGLC dataset. First came Google Fusion Tables. Here I used two Fusion Tables, one with the event data from the LGLC dataset and the other which creates the Provincial border polygons using KML coordinates.…

  • At DHSI 2012: Final Outcome

    Quite enjoying my class with Ian Gregory on Geographical Information Systems in the Digital Humanities, so much so that this map resulted: The gay people! They’re spreading!