Profile of Constance Crompton and LGLC in “Accelerate Okanagan”

Accelerate Okanagan published an excellent profile of Constance Crompton and the LGLC project. The article does a great job of providing clear explanations of our project and the digital humanities!

Screen Shot Accelerate Okanagan

“With a small crew of curious students and research assistants, Connie’s academic passion is truly interdisciplinary. Attracting students from the likes of creative writing, social and computer sciences, she’s able to create data visualizations (like the one pictured below) that provide greater meaning about a subject in a way that the text would not be able to offer on its own.”

“The project she’s most ‘jazzed’ about, is the creation of a digital chronology of the Gay Liberation Movement in Canada. Rather than just reading historical documents on the screen, Connie and the project’s co-director Michelle Schwartz (Ryerson University) are able to insert tiny bits of code — right into the text — and teach the computer that this is a person or this is an event. From that, she’s able to develop visual maps to see when and where these different events happened and who is showing up with whom.”



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